Christ Water Technology

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Founded in 1939, CHRIST has been one of the leading suppliers of customized solutions in process plant construction and in the services sector in the field of pure and ultrapure water production, drinking water production and the treatment of wastewater.

GLV acquired the Christ Water Technology Group in 2009.

Below a short history:

  • 1939 Founded in Switzerland as a trading house in Basel by Theodor Christ
  • 1952 Began process plant construction for water treatment
  • 1954 Introduction of mixed‐bed demineralization plants in Europe
  • 1972 Introduction of the reverse osmosis technology at Christ
  • 1975 First ultrapure water plant for the Swiss Semiconductor Industry
  • 1983 Introduction of the ultrafiltration process for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 1988 Introduction of steam‐sterilizable ultrafiltration units in Europe
  • 1997 Introduction of the TOCSORB® process for the reduction of organic matter in Semiconductor Industry rinsing waters
  • 2002 Foundation of the Christ Water Technology Group, delisting of Christ AG
  • 2002 Introduction of the most sophisticated UPW plant with the lowest TOC specification
  • 2008 Introduction of the most sophisticated pretreatment process in UPW
  • 2009 Acquisition by the GLV Group
  • 2010 Introduction of the most efficient Urea Treatment in UPW