Brackett Green


Brackett Green’s leadership is unrivalled when it comes to screening and filtration of water used by power plants (nuclear, thermal & hydro), refineries and various other types of industries including municipal water and wastewater. Today, Ovivo pursues the heritage of F. W. Brackett by spuring product innovation and reliability, through quality engineering and design.

With a large team of specialists and service technicians on the five continents, we support our customers’ needs for new intake screens, rebuilds, spare parts and services, in all markets.

Just what sort of future Francis Whitwell Brackett (F.W. Brackett) envisioned for his fledgling company in 1899 is anyone’s guess. But we’re quite sure that even Francis, with all the aspirations and confidence of a businessman trading upon the back of a Victorian wave of prosperity, would have found it difficult to believe that after 100 years the company would be at the forefront of water screening and filtration technology. Brackett Green has enabled nations to switch the lights on, through the use of its range of cooling water intake screens.